Full Throttle Energy Drink


Brand Refresh

Monster Energy chose us to work on one of their big energy drink brand Full Throttle. Full Throttle is widely popular in the middle of United States and less toward the shores. People who like Full Throttle are mostly strong, patriotic, motorcycle, truck riding, hard working man. With that mindset, strong, American, Americana, bold, furious were some keywords we capitalized on when designing the new looks.


We tried to approach this series from a minimalist, clean approach while recognizing the brand's existing identity and audience. Our goal was to design a

more classy, powerful and American series that looks formal and patriotic. Challenge was to avoid using red-white-blue while 


Design Option 2

In this series we called each can by a different valuable metal (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and matched each with a flavor. The goal was to design bold and clean.


Citrus Flavor

Agave Flavor

Orange Flavor


Design Option 3

Majority of Full Throttle's audience are riders, truckers, off-roaders who are toward the middle of the country. That in mind we designed

the next two series  to be fast, bold, grungy, wild, Americana and manly


Design Option 4