Deniz Hotamisligil

Designer | Creative Director |Team Player

Welcome. I am a cross-disciplinary Creative Director and Graphic Designer with 15 years of experience in various fields of branding, advertising and tech. Throughout the years I gained experience in a wide variety of the creative fields, Motion Picture Advertising, Country Branding, Branding International Sporting Events, Digital, Video, name a few. I've been responsible for teams up to 25 people in 5 different countries. I’ve been mentoring startups, designers and various entrepreneurs and learning from them for over 5 years. Ultimately I thrive when I'm part of a great team, or when I have a great team to work with.

Being aware, ego-free, mission-oriented, proactive, and questioning has been keywords thrown at me by others.  I believe successes come through great teams who care and collaborate openly.   

Past & Ongoing


Hotalabs is a Los Angeles-based Branding & Design Studio.


3 YRS | 2015 - Present 



I am the founder and creative director of Hota Design Studio.  We believe that Strategic Design drives Business outcomes. With that mindset we collaborate and operate across diverse disciplines to create dynamic, lasting and meaningful relationships between our clients and their audience.

What do we do?

Each time we question the common and work to re-design it to create change. We offer top-notch and turn-key design solutions that reflect an organization’s values, differentiate its brand and persuade its clients.

How do we do that?

By being honest and responsible, questioning the status quo, improving it if needed, respecting others, promoting principles, and caring about design as much as business.

Why do we do what we do?

Life without purpose is like life without water, our main purpose is to partner up with like minded organizations or individuals reach their true design potential, generate measurable outcomes and influence change


TEDx Venice Beach


TEDx Venice Beach Selected me as their Creative Director. It was a team of extraordinarily talented individuals working harmoniously up to the event. I developed the event branding, keyart, branding elements and content for all of our digital, print and experiential out reach.

To view the the project click HERE  or go to


A Social messaging startup I built and designed to enable brands and individuals communicate with their audience at a very personal level. 


2 YRS | 2016 - Present



I am the founder and the designer Emojum. With a talented team of illustrators, developers, content creators and investors we are working to grow the platform and reach as much of the the 6 Billion emoji/sticker senders (daily) with our highly localized and smart content. We are here to bring emotion into digital social communication. 




Custom Keyboard

Iconisus & I mean it Creative

These are sister companies, Iconisus is an industry leading motion-picture advertising company & I mean it is a branding and advertising agency located in Los Angeles.


6 YRS | 2009-2015



Small agency, Big Responsibilities. During my 5 years at Iconisus I worked as Senior-Art Director, Ass. Creative Director, Producer & a Team Leader at a very fast-pased environment and for some of the most influential brands of the world, TV/Movie Studios, Tourism Boards of Countries, Brands and major Sporting/Tech Events.

•Lead photo shoots .
•Direct communication with clients for superior service and accurate results. 

• Manage and train a team of 2-5 designers and interns including creating new job descriptions, job postings, and interviewing potential staff for a cohesive and capable team.

•Create workflows and systems for in-house workforce optimization and performance improvement.

• Delegate and oversee workload for outdoor campaigns, Olympus has Fallen, Hope Springs, Mirror Mirror, American Horror Story, Elementary, Anger Management, and Alphas.

• Developed multi-format, international advertising campaigns for USA, Europe and Asia

Some clients I worked for:


Godiva, Fiba Basketball Championship, Fresh Mesh, Tuborg 100% Music


FX, HBO, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Warner Bros, Universal, AMC Network, USA Network, Travel Channel, FOX, Starz, History Channel, iTV, ...


Avatar, Inglorious Basterds, 50 Shades of Grey, DareDevil, Olympus Has Fallen, Hope Springs, Snow White: Mirror Mirror, Funkytown, Magnifico Presenza, Crash Bandits, ...


We were the official creative agency for Turkish Tourism Campaign. This was a branding project with a $50M budget that span out to 32 countries & languages.

I was part of the brand lead team of 5 working on strategy, branding, messaging, content, media-buy, and teams management.

I was personally in charge of USA, Asia, Eastern Europe and India with teams of 5-10 in each territory reporting directly to me.


A startup that aimed to help people find parking in the city, inform users about street parking rules and enable ParkMe users switch parking spots between them and earn points. 


1.5 YR | 2007-2009



I was the lead designer on the project. I worked on designing the product and the marketing model.


TUFTS UNIVERSITY (04-08) Sociology & Art History - SCHOOL OF  THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS (04-09) Bachelor of Fine Arts / D

(Both on full scholarship)

What am I doing when I am not working? 

I shoot art photography; host art, live-music and curated dinner events. I cycle and play tennis semi professionally; I build and fly remote controlled aircraft.


Thank you 😀 Let's talk! | 617.412.6350 | Instagram